The Roosevelt Institute at the City College of New York, through hard work and dedication was proud to launch this semester. The chapter was established in October 2010 by four students who began working towards elevating the foundations of the chapter at the City College of New York. From the beginning, the few members that got together, launched what turned out to be a grassroots recruitment on the college campus, going from class to class, emailing department chairs and professors, posting professionally designed flyers all over campus, creating an online application to begin interviewing students for leadership roles and launching their own website and blog.

Weeks into the its establishment, the chapter had a full executive board of six members followed by a director and deputy director for each of the six policy areas, all of whom expressed commitment to progressive action and a desire for public service. In the first few months of the chapter’s beginning they have held numerous policy workshops with guests such as Reese Neader, the National Policy Director and Alan Smith the National Program Director from the New York City office, they’ve also hosted inspirational and motivational guest speaker lectures the first one being with Dr. Andrew Rich, the former CEO & President of the Roosevelt Institute and current Executive Secretary of the Truman Foundation, who spoke about the need for youth leaders in America and the importance of the millennial generation to become active.

The City College of New York chapter understood the importance of fellowship and network to collaborate with other clubs, organizations and departments on campus. Some of these have resulted in co-hosting events with the International Studies club, partnering with important policy research organizations like the Colin Powell Center for Policy Studies and the Charles B. Rangel Policy Center at the college, and also receiving guidance from the Political Science Department. The chapter also joined in with a coalition of chapters in New York City to begin working a blue print for New York, which they all collectively titled it the “New Deal for New York.” Months after the launch, the chapter has accumulated over thirty members, all of whom now work in the policy area of their choosing to help write a 10 ideas proposal, which this chapter has intended to submit one per policy area.

The chapter has engaged in public service activities with other progressive organizations on the campus and most recently helped with the Trick-or-Treat campaign for UNICEF, raising money to help children around the world receive healthcare, food and education. Moving forward, the chapter is now working on producing several local and community policy proposals to be presented to the community stakeholders and elected officials, as well as working to build coalitions with college campus groups and local community organizations and non-profits. As they head into the end of the first semester, they’re drawing up a strategy to hit the ground running next semester by bringing in officials, stakeholders and students to play a role in policy discussion and prospects of implementation as well as hosting several Think | 2040 workshops and discussions, along with guest speaker lectures and debates. All in all, the Roosevelt Institute at the City College of New York is going strong and has become a family along the way!

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