Joshua Kemp is a Sophomore at the Macaulay Honors College at CCNY.  He is majoring in International Studies–concentrating in International Affairs–and minoring in French and Asian Studies.  Josh is a member of the International Studies Club, the CCNY Roosevelt Campus Network, and the FoodNotBombs Harlem chapter.  Josh spends some of his time outside of class interning at the American Skin Association and the Milstein Medical Asian American Partnership Foundation, as well as waiting tables at Fairway Steakhouse.   He spends his limited free time repeatedly breaking his collarbone playing Quidditch for the Macaulay Marauders Quidditch Team.

“My inspiration to write my policy was kind of that “Ah Ha!” moment we all have when we think about a problem our community faces that no one seems to be working on.  In my case, I was talking with a fellow Roosevelter at a policy-writing workshop about where we had each grown up–since both of us were children of military personnel and had thus lived in many places–and what languages we spoke.  I realized something that I definitely already knew but hadn’t thought about in the context of policy writing: the fact that the girl I was speaking with was more proficient in more languages because she had attended local schools in foreign countries while I hadn’t.  It highlighted for me the importance of starting language-learning early, something that the US and New York particularly struggles with.

Therefore, my policy proposes that NYS should promote early foreign language education by incentivizing school districts to implement elementary DLI programs. Participating schools would still offer English-only programs for uninterested families and would be provided with DLI curricula, professional development programs, and assistance in recruiting and training immersion teachers.  I was able to get a lot of context and precedent from Utah, as they recently did something similar, which was incredibly helpful.” – Josh

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