About Roosevelt @CCNY

This is who we are

Who Are We?

We are an undergraduate student policy organization that engages new generations in a unique form of progressive activism. It empowers us as young leaders and promotes our ideas for change.

Here at the City College of New York, we strive to affect our community by advocating for progressive ideas and policies. We identify pressing issues facing our towns, counties, and state. We take advantage of the unique resources on our college campus and engage in policy research and writing. By connecting the fruits of research to the political process, we deliver sound, progressive proposals to policymakers and advocacy groups.

Our Culture

Our chapter is constitutes of incredibly talented members. We come from all different academic backgrounds bound by a vision for a better future. We provide all students with a platform where they can work in collaborative environments to address the issues confronting our generation. Our members take it upon themselves to foster the idea of meaningful participation among young people that extends beyond Election Day.  Roosevelt@City College of New York will continue being an outlet and amplifier for student voices that leads to young people being recognized as an integral part of our political system.

Our Mission

We believe at the core of effective policy making is the intersection of results-driven ideas and meaningful community engagement. By developing local laboratories of democracy and policy experimentation, young people can work with community members to innovate, scale, and replicate the best ideas and policy initiatives emerging from our generation across cities, districts, states, regions, and the nation. We provide our students with a platform where they can work in collaborative environments to identify and solve issues confronting our society. Roosevelt @CCNY is committed to being an amplifier for student voices to integrate them in the political system.

  • Roosevelt at CCNY has figured out how to create, grow, and scale the best policy ideas to solve the most pressing issues we are faced with. As one of the Campus Network’s highest functioning chapters, CCNY is leading the way not only in developing tomorrow’s leaders but also in producing the next generation of policy doers.

    Kevin Stump

    A life long New Yorker and the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network Leadership Strategist

  • When I joined Roosevelt, I had no interest in policy and its potential effects on a community. Roosevelt showed me that even a simple-minded student like myself can craft a policy idea without prior knowledge. There are many issues in our society and Roosevelt attempts to solve that; we don’t just say it, we Roo.

  • Roosevelt is a unique opportunity for students to get involved in policy work now! There are many groups that organize around elections and agendas—all important work. What makes Roosevelt transformative is its focus on smart ideas, smart governance and taking action today.

    Joelle Gamble

    National Director, Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network

  • The Roosevelt Institute at CCNY offers wonderful opportunities for students to politically engage with their communities. The club is especially welcoming to students who don’t have prior activist experience or a deep sense of policy. But best of all, Roosevelt offers students a chance to work, grow, and succeed together. Indeed, it functions less like a club than a small family. They’re simply a great group of young leaders..

    Michael Busch

    Roosevelt Faculty Advisor & Colin Powell School Associate Director, Office of Student Success

  • I didn’t know what policy was. I joined because I had an idea. The Roosevelt Institute cultivated my idea and believed in me. I came for the delicious food at meetings, and I ended up staying for the passionate zesty people who had innovative ideas for our community.

    Angela Choi

    Former President, Roosevelt at CCNY

  • Being a part of Roosevelt was definitely a highlight of my undergraduate career. I learned so much about myself and the potential I and my fellow millennials hold..